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Month: July 2022

BRUCK Supplies Ballistic Fabric for Armoured Vehicles

We are excited to be working with Rheinmetall and supplying them our ballistic fabric for use in their wheeled armoured vehicles. Using a range of high tensile para-aramid yarns which are proven in protection applications, the BRUCK range of anti-ballistics offers light weight, durable and cost effective solutions for different levels of threats such as […]

A New & Unique Camouflage Developed Exclusively for the Royal Australian Navy

The Maritime Multicam Camouflage Uniform (MMPU) is a new and unique camouflage developed exclusively for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Available in MMPU Sea and MMPU Shore versions. MMPU Sea has the fire retardant and antistatic properties. The fabric maintains its FR properties after laundering and exposure to sea water. We are very proud to have […]

Superior performance where your garments last longer!

XCELL™ 260 takes advantage of the superior performance of Australian cotton in a weave that optimises strength along with metabolic heat loss and thermal protection. The flat construction of XCELL™ 260 fabric provides more even wear so garments last longer.

The next generation of FORTRESS® outer shells by BRUCK is here!

FORTRESS 3GPlus – with DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® fibre – heralds a leap forward in a light-weight outer shell to deliver flexibility, high strength, toughness and protection without the burden of weight. Our engineered outer shells for Structural Firefighting are much more than just fabrics, they’re the result of decades of experience in protecting people […]

New Level in Protection & Comfort for Wildland Firefighters – XMPLAR PRO

By combining durable protection of meta-aramid fibres with softness and absorbency of Lenzing FR Viscose, this unique intimate blend delivers strength and toughness together with inherent and permanent flame retardant performance and exceptional moisture wicking, making XMPLAR PRO fabric the right choice for Wildland Firefighters’ protective clothing.

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